Videography & Editing: Zoë Kezia

Sara moved to the UK from Gambia in 1995 and has been working at the Muslim Cultural Centre In West London for over 14 years. Her story is one that many Muslimahs of her generation can relate to but is one that is often overlooked.

Meet Jennifer Ogunyemi, author, public speaker, mother, wife and founder of 'Sisters in Business' which aims to support women from all walks of life on their entrepreneurial journey.  Jennifer shared her journey through homelessness and how she found community in Islam and became the woman she is today. Her story moved us so much and reminds us of the importance of finding community.

Meet 15-year-old Zara Ogazi Khan.

With both Nigerian and Pakistani heritage, Zara shares her story and perspective on Black girlhood. With a unique and inspiring perspective, Zara shares the value of having the freedom to explore her multicultural heritage whilst growing in her religion and navigating her journey with modesty.

To round up #OurSisterVoices, Sara, Jennifer and Zara came together to explore topics around connection, community & identity. Three women from varying generations, cultures and backgrounds yet connected in both melanin and in deen.